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Why Millwork City?


Millwork City offers a lowest price guarantee to all of our customers on select items. Any product marked with our low price guarantee stamp is available for price matching. Just provide our online customer service representatives with any competitor price offering of an identical advertised product offered by Millwork City (must be presented before purchase) and we'll beat that price! Low price guarantee offering must include shipping cost from any competitor to reflect the total cost of any order. When requesting a low price guarantee, customers must provide submit a product link from any competitor website for product comparison.

Millwork City reserves the right to refuse any low price guarantee price match in cases where competition prices are below wholesale cost or the MSRP are not up to date. Millwork City will not consider any price match guarantee that is requested after a customer order has shipped.


Visit Millwork City for a huge selection home improvement products ranging from kitchen & bath cabinets, mantels, corbels, mouldings, shutters, stair balusters, furniture parts, cupolas, mailboxes, planter boxes, wood turnings, staircase parts, window boxes and more!

Millwork City works with outside manufacturer sales representatives to introduce customers to available products as well as customer support. Millwork City outside manufacturer sales representatives are not authorized to accept payment on behalf of Millwork City as all orders must be processed by the customer through the Millwork City website. Customers will always receive an e-mailed order confirmation within 24-48 hours of each processed order. Customers should use the "Contact Us" link when order confirmation has not been received within the 24-48 hour order processing period. When receiving an order confirmation from Millwork City, customers can obtain order status, cancel or track their order and report damages from the forms built into every order confirmation.

Every customer agrees and understands that Millwork City does not offer advice on the installation of any product for sale on the Millwork City website and that Millwork City offers the customer only the ability to purchase a product(s) on the website or offered by our manufacturers. Millwork City recommends that customers purchase a sample door before the purchase of an entire kitchen order so that they can inspect the product that they are purchasing. In cases where customers are intending to purchase ready to assemble cabinets, Millwork City recommends that customers purchase at least (1) ready to assemble cabinet prior to any larger order so that the customer can be completely satisfied with the assembly process as well as the manufacturer product(s).


Product lead time is indicated on the product page of each page and the lead time for products can vary from time to time, especially on custom made products. Selection of an expedited shipping method does not expedite the order processing time of any order but only the time it takes to ship once the order is ready for shipment.

Millwork City does not offer or accept any coupon codes and recommends that customers avoid any suspicious websites offering any type of promotional discount on the Millwork City website.

All customer orders are scheduled to ship complete. In cases where a freight order contains back orders, whether or not the customer received a shipping promotion, the customer may elect to receive a partial shipment but will be responsible for the shipping cost of the back ordered item(s).

In cases where a customer order has shipped, where the customer is waiting for a back ordered product(s) for the completion of their order, the customer understands that they cannot request additional items for purchase to ship with any back ordered product(s).

In cases where Millwork City provides the customer with a pricing quote for products found on the Millwork City website, the customer agrees and understands that they are responsible to confirm that every product being purchased is accurate to the customer needs, requirements or project specifications.

The customer agrees that Millwork City does not having any involvement in any customers construction schedule as it relates to any product purchased on the Millwork City website. As Millwork City facilitates the delivery of products from various manufacturers, the customer understands that they will receive shipment tracking at which time the customer should coordinate receipt of their product(s) as it relates to their project.

The customer agrees that it is their sole responsibility to confirm that the product(s) that they have ordered meets the specification of their project. The customer understands that they are required to contact the manufacturer or review the manufacturer website as it relates to the product specifications of any product. In cases where the customer may have questions relating to the subject product(s) or how to install it, the customer is responsible to confirm any questions or concerns with the manufacturer or their contractor. The customer understands that Millwork City will only assist the customer in how they may obtain manufacturer specifications and the customer also agrees that before they have placed any order, that Millwork City or its customer service staff were not involved with the product(s) selection or how it is installed.

Millwork City reserves the right to cancel or accept any customer order that has not shipped where it has been determined that the customer has failed or unwilling to follow the policies of Millwork City or where the customer is found to be abusive or hostile to our customer service staff. In cases where Millwork City is unable to cancel an order as it relates to customer abuse, due to the fact that the order is custom made or that the order has shipped, the customer understands that any promotional discounts relating to their order will be rescinded and payable before the order is delivered.

Any customer that has history of chargebacks will automatically have any new order cancelled. Any customer who opens a credit card dispute while their order is pending shipment or being processed will automatically have their order cancelled and subject to our policy relating to erroneous chargeback fees.


As a courtesy, Millwork City customer service will afford every customer order a total of (2) requests to modify or change any received order that has not shipped or has been custom assembled. Any additional requests for modifications will be subject to a $75 per hour fee to compensate for the time it takes Millwork City's customer service to revise orders with our manufacturer. The customer understands that any modification(s) may prolong the potential shipping date of their order.

Any customer order that includes change orders that includes additional charges to the order will be subject to a $10.00 credit card processing fee.


Customers understand that any order that has shipped from any manufacturer location cannot be cancelled and must be accepted and returned in accordance with the Millwork City product return policy. In cases where the customer refuses shipment and does not accept delivery and does not acquire the required return authorization number, the customer agrees to waive any right to refund and also agrees to pay any additional charges billed from the freight carrier to Millwork City or any of it's manufacturers for any product(s) not accepted for delivery.

Customers understand that in cases where they have selected a shipping method for any item that is dimensionally oversized, which would require freight as the only valid shipping method, they will notified by Millwork City that their order has been cancelled and refunded with the requirement of the customer to repurchase of the selected item using freight as the selected ship method. The customer understands that there may be certain products displayed on the Millwork City website that may show incompatible shipping methods due to oversize restrictions or manufacturer requirements.

It is the policy of Millwork City that all products be inspected upon receipt of any freight shipment and any such damages be notated on the Bill of Lading (BOL). If products are received damaged, please contact Millwork City upon receipt of damaged items to report damage within 48 hours. Customers are responsible to inspect their ground shipments for concealed damages within 48 hours of the receipt of any small package shipment.

Lift gate services will be included and provided for with assembled cabinets orders. Customers who have ordered ready to assemble orders will not receive lift gate service without paying for lift gate services, regardless whether the shipment qualified for free shipping. Lift gate services are required for all shipments unless the delivery address is a commercial location with a loading dock.

All customers will receive curbside delivery only and in cases where the customer has a street or driveway that is not accessible by tractor trailer, the customer must make arrangements with the shipping carrier to unload the product at an accessible location for the tractor trailer. Customers with over sized items such as wall pantries or oven cabinets must be aware that they do not fit on a lift gate and they will need to break down the pallets themselves to get it off the truck (regardless of shipping method).

Customers that decline the liftgate service offered on the Millwork City website understand that they must be prepared to have a forklift on site ready and available to unload the freight carrier. The freight carrier will charge a minimum detention fee of $150.00 if the customer takes more than 20 minutes to unload the pallet(s) from the delivery truck. The customer agrees that in cases where the freight carrier charges Millwork City any detention fee that the customer will reimburse Millwork City for any detention fee.

Customers who request a change to their shipping location after the shipment has been shipped by the manufacturer, in cases of freight shipments, will be subject to a $150 reconsignment fee. Customers are responsible to schedule and receive any freight shipment in accordance within normal business hours 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and normal business days Monday to Friday.

Customers who have scheduled a delivery date and time with any freight carrier, in cases where the product has been loaded and prepared for delivery, the customer will be subject to a $150 re-delivery fee if they are unable to accept delivery due to their failure to meet the delivery truck. Customers who delay or refuse to accept shipment to their location or are unavailable to receive shipment after their product has shipped from the manufacturer will be subject to payment of storage fees that are billed by the subject freight carrier.

Millwork City will make every effort to ensure that you receive your order without damage, however on occasion there are conditions beyond our control that will cause damage during the shipping process. Should you receive a damaged item, please forward a picture(s) of the damages including all packaging and products. Notify us at once by using the damage report form found on the Millwork City home page or contacting for assistance on how to file a damage report.

Upon notification of any damage, Millwork City will ship a replacement parts out as soon as possible. Customers must indicate on any visible damages on to the freight carrier's bill of lading before acceptance of shipment of ordered products. If damage is not noticed until the package is opened (known as concealed damage) write on the bill of lading that there was no visible damage to the boxes but was not checked for concealed damage. We will handle all damage claims submitted within 48 hours of product delivery but we must have documentation in order to process any claim for damage. Customers are responsible to sign the bill of lading assigned to their order with the correct shipping address where the order is received.

Please count and examine all packages at time of delivery. If there is a shortage, please note how many cartons are short on the freight carrier's shipping ticket and send a copy of the shipping ticket.

Please make sure you sign the correct BOL that indicates your name and the delivery address of where the shipment is being received. If there is an issue with the delivery paperwork, please contact Millwork City immediately!

All 96" long plywood panels are subject to end damage during shipping. We only guarantee 90 good usable inches on all 96" long panels. 48" wide panels are subject to edge damage. Therefore, we only guarantee up to 42 of good usable inches on these panels.

In the cases where a customer picks up a freight shipment from a freight carrier shipping terminal or a manufacturer facility, the customer must inspect the shipment for any damages in its entirety. Additionally, the customer takes responsibility for any damages not noted on the BOL from the terminal to the final destination or on the pick up ticket in cases of a factory pickup.

Millwork City will not be responsible for shipping damage claims unless they are reported within 48 hours of delivery / receipt of the product by the customer. Any damage claims must be submitted to with photographs of any visible damage. The customer understands that any damage claim requires allowance of the manufacturer to pick up any damaged product from the delivery address before credit will be issued.

In any case of shipping damages, including any cabinet order, the customer understands that replacement product or parts needed for repair of the product will be sent by the manufacturer after the confirmed receipt of the required Millwork City damage report that can be found on the Millwork City home page. The damage report submitted to Millwork City must contain photos supporting any damages being claimed. Only the items marked by the customer on the BOL being received as damaged shall be considered for replacement.

Millwork City will not be responsible for packages that have been delivered to the assigned delivery address and stolen by others.


If you are unhappy for any reason and would like to return your order for a refund, please refer the following return conditions:

1. To receive credit for returned products, a Return Authorization Number must be obtained by sending an email to Millwork City at . Millwork City will forward the Return Authorization Number to the customer once received from the subject manufacturer. Customers should insure shipments for return to the manufacture and are required to notify Millwork City once their return shipment has reached the subject manufacturer. The Return Authorization Number must appear on every item approved for return to the manufacturer. Customers understand that they should not attempt to return any product to the location of Millwork City as products are required to be returned to the subject manufacturer.

2. Products must be returned within 10 days from the date of receipt and must be received in original (unused) condition. All items must be in original carton, unassembled and unused. Returns cannot be made after product has been assembled or installed. The subject manufacturer shall make determination to the condition of any product returned for restocking purposes. Customers agree and understand that they are required to properly package products for return to the manufacturer, for any reason, to prevent the damage of the items being returned.

3. Products damaged due to poor return packaging and handling will be subject to partial credit or no credit.

4. Returned items that are offered with free shipping are subject to the original outbound shipping cost being deducted from any refund and the return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.

5. A 30% restocking fee will be charged on returned products which is a charge based on manufacturer handling and restocking fees as well as processing fees incurred by Millwork City after the returned items have been inspected and confirmed as being received in good condition. Shipping/freight charges, round trip, are the responsibility of the customer/purchaser. If a product is shipped with free shipping and that product is returned for any reason, the customer is responsible for the shipping charges round trip. Millwork City does not provide any of its customers return shipping labels for the return of product(s) to the manufacturer.

The customer understands that the restocking fee is 30% and that Millwork City issues the credit to the customer after the manufacturer has received, inspected and issued credit to Millwork City.

6. Custom made products, including products with special order finishing, drilling, notching, turning, cutting, milling or mortising may not be returned.

7. Specialty woods such as mahogany, white oak, cherry (any type), walnut, ash, beech, hard & soft maple, birch, hickory, etc. are custom made to order and not returnable. Any specialty wood product requires a 3-4 week lead time for manufacturing.

8. Any Atlantic Premium Shutter Order is a custom order (except for hardware) and not returnable.

9. Any R.T.A. or Assembled kitchen/bath cabinet order, where damage is not a factor, is not returnable unless authorized by the manufacturer. Customers cannot return any R.T.A. cabinet order in cases where the cabinet has been assembled. Any customer who orders cabinets from Millwork City for the purpose of matching pre-existing kitchen or bath cabinets understands that variation in color or stain is possible.

10. Any cupola is a custom order and not returnable.

11. Any customer who cancels or return products for an order that has received a promotion discount based on a order value/monetary threshold and the cancellation or return of any products eliminates the promotional discount due to total order value, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of the promotional discount.

12. In cases where a customer attempts the cancellation of an order that has shipped, the customer is responsible to receive the product and understands that the return of the product is their sole responsibility. In cases where a customer receives an order that has been damaged, the customer is responsible to receive the product and understands that photographs of the damaged product must be provided to Millwork City within 48 hours by sending an email to in conformance with our damage policy. Upon receiving the product, the customer is responsible to contact Millwork City to obtain a return authorization. Customers that do not follow this return policy procedure will automatically forfeit any claim of a refund.

13. In cases where a customer is requesting a refund for an item that they are claiming as damaged, the customer must make the product available for return to the manufacturer. Customers that who claim they have received a damaged product but installed the product(s) understand that they shall waive their right to return the product unless covered under manufacturer warranty.

The customer is responsible to notify Millwork City, in writing, after delivery confirmation of the returned product to the manufacturer has been received by the customer. After the customer has notified Millwork City that the manufacturer has received the returned item in good condition, Millwork City will process credit to the customer accordingly.

The customer understands that any customer refund is processed at the end of each business week.

In cases, where a customer's order may be cancelled, returned or refunded according to our cancellation or return policy, the customer shall allow 5 - 7 business days for credit card refunds to appear on their statement from the time of written return/refund confirmation. Customers who dispute any credit card payment made to Millwork City prior to the 5 - 7 business day wait time shall be responsible for the cost of any dispute fees incurred by Millwork City from any credit card company or Pay Pal.


For any assembled kitchen cabinet order where "free assembly" is offered, the customer must select the shipping method called "Assembled Cabinet Orders". The customer understands that any assembled cabinet order is a custom made to order and that the order cannot be cancelled once submitted into production by the manufacturer.

Millwork City does not offer any kitchen or bath cabinet promotion where both "free shipping" and "free assembly" is an option. Free shipping is available to the customer on "Ready to Assemble" cabinet orders over $3,000. Free assembly is available on select cabinet orders, where assembly is an option, when customers select the shipping method called "Assembled Cabinet Orders" where the customer pays the cost of freight to their location.

Any shipping promotion that relates to any "Ready to Assemble" cabinet order must be a purchase from a single manufacturer and be equal to or exceed $3,000. Customers that select from multiple manufacturers on any "Ready to Assemble" cabinet order where the order total from the selected manufacturer does not exceed $3,000, the customer will be notified by Millwork City that they will be responsible to pay shipping charges if they want to proceed with their order. In cases where a customer order does equal or exceed $3,000 on any "Ready to Assemble" cabinet order to single manufacturer and the customer has additional items from a secondary manufacturer that does not equal or exceed $3,000, the customer will be responsible to pay shipping charges on those products that relate to the secondary manufacturer. Millwork City requires it's customers to create a separate purchase for each manufacturer and in cases where a customer order contains more than one manufacturer, Millwork City reserves the right to verify any promotion or shipping charge applied to the order as correct.

In any case where the customer is not located within the "free-shipping" zone of a subject manufacturer, the customer will receive "half-price shipping" as a promotion on any qualifying order. The customer understands that if the selected manufacturer does not have distribution within proximity of their location, the customer will subject to "half-price shipping" to their location as the promotion. Any order that ships to the Florida Keys will be subject to full price shipping regardless of any shipping promotion displayed in the shopping cart.

The customer understands that any promotion is based on the customers proximity (shipping location) to the closest warehouse of the subject manufacturer when the subject manufacturer has multiple distribution locations within the United States. In cases, where the manufacturer is unable to fulfill an order from a specific distribution location that is closest to the customer shipping location, the customer understands that terms of the promotion or the cost of shipping may change.

Where the customer selects the "free assembly" promotion, Millwork City will send the cabinets fully assembled but in cases where the customer order includes any cabinet accessories that are separate or not included from any cabinet description, the customer will be responsible to install any selected cabinet accessories. When available, the customer may request installation of any selected cabinet accessories at additional installation charge so long as the selected cabinet accessories do not ship from another manufacturer.


Orders may be cancelled so long as they have not yet been sent to production or in the case that stock products have already been shipped. In the event the order has been placed into production or shipped, Millwork City can no longer cancel the order. To confirm that your order has been cancelled, Millwork City will email or fax a cancellation notice to your attention; only then will the cancellation be in effect.

Any custom order may be cancelled within 24 hours of the initial time of purchase otherwise the order cannot be cancelled.

Any order cancelled after 24 hours (1 business day) is subject to a 30% restocking fee or $30 cancellation fee, depending on whether or not the order has been prepared for shipment. If the subject manufacturer has confirmed with Millwork City that the order has not been prepared for shipment, then the $30 cancellation fee shall be applied to the cancelled order.

Any product that Millwork City identifies to be out of stock may be cancelled without any restocking fee so long as it has not shipped.

Any request for cancellation of any order must be submitted to Millwork City by using either the Order Cancellation, Order Status or Contact Us form located on the top of each webpage. The customer understands that verbal requests or claims of verbal cancellation with Millwork City are not an accepted method of order cancellation. The customer understands that Millwork City will provide confirmation of any order cancellation in writing once confirmed with the subject manufacturer.

Customers who dispute any credit card payment made to Millwork City prior to the written request of a return authorization or an order cancellation shall be responsible for the cost of any dispute fees incurred by Millwork City and exclusive of a $250 chargeback processing fee as it relates to erroneous chargebacks on behalf of the customer. Any customer who receives a decision from their credit card company denying the chargeback case opened against Millwork City, also agrees that the $250 chargeback processing fee charged by Millwork City will be binding.

In cases where a customer's order may be cancelled according to our cancellation policy, the customer shall allow 7 - 10 business days or 1 billing cycle for credit card refunds to appear on their statement from the time of written cancellation confirmation. Customers who dispute any credit card payment made to Millwork City prior to the 7 - 10 business day wait time shall be responsible for the cost of any dispute fees incurred by Millwork City from any credit card company or Pay Pal .

In cases where a customer attempts the communication with a manufacturer (without the written consent of Millwork City) in relation to any order being processed by Millwork City on behalf of the customer, the customer agrees and understands that their order will be automatically cancelled and subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Customers who dispute any credit card payment made to Millwork City as it relates to a product return or an order cancellation, where the customer has agreed to the polices of Millwork City, the customer shall be responsible for the cost a $250 chargeback processing fee as it relates to erroneous chargebacks on behalf of the customer.


Customers understand that Millwork City does not warranty any product(s) and that any warranty claims are subject to the manufacturer policies and warranties of the customer choice. Millwork City will assist any Millwork City customer with any warranty issues that they may have upon receipt of their order. It is recommended that the customer review the subject manufacturers warranty policy / information provided on the subject manufacturer website. The customer also agrees that in cases where the manufacturer requests that their outside sales representative inspect any warranty claim, the customer will allow inspection of the product(s) by the manufacturer representative.

The customer understands that warranty claims can be processed through Millwork City customer service so long as the customer received the order within 30 days. If the order was received for a time period that exceeds 30 days, the customer is responsible to file their claim directly with the manufacturer.

In cases where the manufacturer identifies that the customer or the customer's contractor has installed a product improperly or contrary to a manufacturer installation specification, the customer understands that the manufacturer warranty will become void.

In cases where the product quality is not to manufacturer specification, as confirmed by the manufacturer, the customer understands that the manufacturer will provide the necessary replacement parts/products to resolve the warranty issue. The product cannot be returned unless agreed to by the subject manufacturer.

Any customer order that includes a request for any replacement parts or requires customer service assistance for a warranty issue outside of the 1 year warranty period will be subject to a $50.00 credit card processing fee.


From time to time there may be information on our website or in our product categories that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing and availability. Millwork City reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice inclusive of any prior submitted orders. In cases, where promotional discounts or shipping discounts are erroneously applied to an order, Millwork City reserves the right to cancel any such order.

In cases where Millwork City identifies any purchase that contains a pricing error, Millwork City reserves the right to identify the correct pricing to the customer and cancel the order if not agreeable with the customer. In cases where a pricing error is identified to any customer, Millwork City will honor our lowest price match guarantee policy as it relates to any pricing error.


All products are available for purchase by credit card or Pay Pal as credit terms are not available to any customers. By using the Millwork City website, you are deemed to have agreed to all terms, conditions, use and notices contained or referenced within the Millwork City website.

By using the Millwork City website for the purchase of any product, the customer/purchaser agrees to pay their credit card company or Pay Pal for the products purchased on the Millwork City website in accordance with the standard policy of the issuing credit card company.

Additionally, the customer agrees to waive their rights to contest the legitimacy of the credit card or Pay Pal charge tendered for payment, except in cases where the customer did not receive the ordered product(s) due to product availability (custom orders excluded). Millwork City clearly represents our policies (or how to view our Policies) on our home page, customer order confirmation, return authorization form, cancellation form and checkout button.

Non-payment of any orders or any incurred charge back fees from any credit card company or Pay Pal are subject to legal action within the jurisdiction of the courts of the County of York, the State of Maine or the County of Strafford, the State of New Hampshire. The Purchaser agrees the by using the Millwork City website, any transaction processed takes place within the State of Maine where Millwork City is corporate office is located. The Purchaser agrees to pay any chargeback, legal or collection costs relating to the non-payment of any orders from Millwork City. Millwork City reserves the right to enact binding arbitration relating to any non-payment of product(s) within any State or District within the United States. Any legal or arbitration claim by Millwork City is subject to a legal complaint processing fee of $500 which does not include any court or legal/collection fees or time for employee wages paid for employees that are required to testify in court.

In cases where the Purchaser has disputed their credit card charges in relation to products received, the Purchaser agrees that any promotional discounts received on their order shall automatically be forfeited and charged accordingly with the payment method on file with Millwork City. Any legal and/or collection cost incurred by Millwork City shall be added to any judgment received by the court. Any legal claim by Millwork City regarding disputes relating to purchases executed through the Millwork City website are subject to legal action within the jurisdiction of the courts of the County of York, the State of Maine or the County of Strafford, the State of New Hampshire.

Additionally, the customer agrees and waives the right to dispute any recorded judgment from the State of Maine or State of New Hampshire for the purpose of the domestication of a judgment, in any U.S. State, relating to the collection of a debt. The customer also agrees to pay the cost of any out of state collection costs relating to the collection of any debt.

The customer also agrees to and authorizes Millwork City to enact binding arbitration in the case of non-payment of any order (as an alternative to resolve disputes outside the judiciary courts) in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial and/or Consumer [or other] Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court within the United States having jurisdiction thereof. The arbitrator shall determine the party responsible for all arbitration costs. All binding arbitration rules for commercial and/or consumer cases can be found at:

Millwork City reserves the right to lien the delivery address for any product that has not been paid. In any case whether or not a property lien has been filed within any jurisdiction in the United States, the purchaser and / or recipient of any product relating to any credit card dispute, agrees and authorizes Millwork City to the reversal and forfeiture of any promotional discounts, and / or chargeback fees, and / or collection fees, and /or processing fees and / or lien fees. The cardholder also agrees that the above referenced costs to be included into the monetary value of the processed lien regardless of any State or County lien laws that related to the delivery location. The purchaser and / or recipient of the delivered product agrees to the reimbursement of any legal costs relating to the execution and / or release of any property lien.

Millwork City will not be responsible for products that have been delivered to customer where the delivered packages have been stolen by others.


Products can be shipped U.S.P.S., Fed Ex, U.P.S. and common freight carrier. The purchaser can make selection of the desired shipper based on the shipment rates and time frame they require the selected product. Larger items may only be available to be shipped by common carrier based on weight and size of product selected.

Products that have free shipping are not available for expedited ship methods. Products that have free shipping via freight or common carrier which ship to metropolitan areas/cities are subject to additional costs to the customer.

All freight shipments are curbside delivery and the customer is responsible to accept delivery and any means of unloading the product/order from the freight carrier. In cases where delivery trucks cannot access certain residential areas or roads, the customer will be responsible to make arrangements with the freight carrier to receive the product/order.

Prior to the delivery of any freight shipment, the freight carrier will contact the customer 24 hours prior to scheduling a date and time frame for delivery. Any customer that fails to meet the freight carrier during the scheduled delivery period shall be responsible to reimburse Millwork City the cost to reschedule delivery charged by the freight carrier.

Customers that have ordered ready to assemble cabinets understand that delivery is curbside only and lift gate service is not included with delivery unless paid for in advance. The customer understands that Millwork City provides its freight carriers specific delivery instructions prior to shipment of any product(s). Millwork City advises its customers, that on occasion, certain freight carriers/companies will ask the customer if they desire lift gate service at time of delivery as a billing technique. Customers who have not selected the lift gate option during the checkout process are required to contact Millwork City prior to delivery of their shipment if lift gate service is required. Customers that accept lift gate service from any freight carrier/company without the knowledge of Millwork City is responsible for a $130 lift gate fee.


Millwork City ("Millwork City," "we," "us") shares your concerns about the protection of your personal information online. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") describes our practices regarding the collection and use of information through our website, located at (the "Site"). By using the Site or obtaining any product or service through this Site, you agree the collection of use of information as set forth in this Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not use the Site. We may from time-to-time update this, Policy. We will notify you of changes to the Policy by posting the updated Policy on this page. We ask that you bookmark and periodically review this page to ensure continuing familiarity with the most current version of the Policy. You can determine when this Policy was last revised by checking the "Effective Date of Current Policy" legend at the top of the Policy.

Millwork City collects two types of information during your visits to our Site:

First, we collect non-personally identifiable information. When visitors come to our Site, we collect and aggregate information indicating, among other things, which pages of the Site were visited, the order in which they were visited, and which links were “clicked.” Collecting such information involves logging the IP addresses, operating system and browser software used by each visitor to the Site. Although such information is not personally identifiable, it may be possible to determine from an IP address a visitor’s Internet Service Provider and the geographic location of the visitor’s point of connectivity. We also use “cookies” and other tracking technologies to collect non-personally identifiable information regarding you. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser. Cookies make it possible for us to recognize your browser when you visit our Site. By doing this, we can personalize your return visits and save you time during checkout. Your browser must be set to accept cookies for you to enjoy the benefits of being a registered user of the Site.

Second, we collect personally identifiable information. In general, our Site uses an order form, a registration form so that you can request information, products and services from us. These forms require that you provide us with personally identifiable information (such as your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, and credit card number). Further, where you use the Site to purchase a product or service as a gift or use our gift reminder service, we will collect from you personally identifiable information regarding the gift recipient or potential gift recipient.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the different ways that Millwork City uses the information that we gather. Keep in mind that, while we encourage all third parties involved in running our business to adhere to our policies regarding the privacy of our visitors and to otherwise handle personally identifiable information in a responsible manner, we cannot and do not assume any responsibility for any actions or omissions of third parties, including the way they use information received either from Millwork City or independently.

Millwork City uses non-personally identifiable information, such as your IP address and the pages that you visit on our site.

Millwork City will never sell your email address. When you submit all personal information, including your email address, it is kept strictly confidential. Every email sent has an unsubscribe link for your convenience.


We use third-party web beacons from Big Commerce to help analyze where visitors go and what they do while visiting our website. Yahoo! may also use anonymous information about your visits to this and other websites in order to improve its products and services and provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. is owned and operated by Millwork City Internet Services Corporation.